Our Staff
Larry Battu - Larry, and his wife, Brenda have lived in Savannah for over 55 years. Larry earned a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Georgia. " We try to be an integral part of the care triangle of patient, physician, & pharmacist. My secret is to always greet each patient by name to show them my interest in their care & let them know I appreciate their trust".
Bill Brown - Bill, and his wife, Elizabeth and two children have lived in Savannah for 7 years. Bill earned a B.S. in Pharmacy from Ohio State University. " At Lo Cost Pharmacy, we are focused on patient care. We are free to spend time with our patients, explain medications and answer questions".
Craig Cocke - Craig and his wife Joanne have one daughter, and have lived in Savannah 20 years. Craig earned his B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Georgia. "We strive to provide a level of service that is enequalled in Savannah, yet I know with 20 years pharmacy experience that there is always room for improvement."
Jacque Cole - Jacque and her husband, Daniel and their son are newcomers to Savannah. Jacque earned her B.S. in pharmacy from Ohio State University. "I feel the senior population receives less attention to their medical needs and I became a pharmacist to ensure that all my patients are educated about their medication and general health."
John McKinnon - John, his wife, Cindy and their three boys have called Savannah, home for 18 1/2 years. John attended the University of Georgia where he earned a B.S. in Pharmacy. "We provide pharmacy services in an atmosphere of caring and concern, allowing for personal contact with our pharmacists on a one to one basis every day".
Marshall (Skip) Minchey - Skip founded Lo Cost Pharmacy over 35  years ago and has been an active part of our store since then. Skip and his wife Barbara, as natives to Savannah, raised two sons in 38 years of practicing pharmacy. Skip earned his B.S. in pharmacy from The University of Georgia. "The profession of pharmacy makes a positive contribution to the well being of society and I work diligently to serve as their advocate in attaining general pharmacy care."
David Taylor - Originally from Brooklet, GA, David is a 2001 graduate of the University of Georgia School of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.
Stanley Weiss - Stan and his wife, Sheila have made Savannah their home for 67 years. Stan earned his B.S. in pharmacy from The University of Georgia. "I feel having several pharmacists on duty allows each pharmacist to be available to their customers needs and consult with them in a friendly, caring manner."