Convenient Pharmaceutical Service - Personal Touch
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 16:23

Personal Service

If you visit a pharmacy often, or even if you are one of the lucky few whose prescription drug needs are few and far between, it still can be a hassle to deal with big box pharmacy chains. Chances are, the pharmacists or pharmacy technicians they employ, and with whom you routinely interact, will not know you by name, nor may you know theirs. One might not realize the significance of this simple thing, until he or she meets someone in a local pharmacy who not only remembers his or her name, but her current and past prescriptions, her doctor’s name, perhaps even her birthday. It’s a rare treat which unfortunately today is becoming rarer still, especially when one can find a national drug store on virtually every major street corner.

Real Relationships

The days of local pharmacy patient-pharmacist relationships may be long gone—or they may not be, if you have the good fortune of living in the greater Savannah area. Lo Cost Pharmacy prides itself on its personal touch and concern for their customers. Unlike the big name pharmacies who operate with a minimial pharmacy crew, Lo Cost has a staff of several pharmacists and pharmacy staff available to answers your questions, listen to your concerns, and provide wise counsel. Our aim is to care for your health needs and earn your trust.