Top 5 Medicines You Should Always Have on Hand
Wednesday, 18 January 2012 12:55

You have a splitting headache. You go to the medicine cabinet looking for a pain reliever only to discover that you are out. So now, not only do you have a headache, but you have to go to the pharmacy for more medicine as well. There is nothing worse than being out of the medicines you need when you need them. 

Keeping your medicine cabinet well-stocked is a must for any household. Lo Cost Pharmacy recommends keeping these top five medicines in your home for those everyday medical needs that can arise. Lo Cost Pharmacy makes these medicines a top priority and keeps our pharmacy well-stocked with all of these medications.

1. Pain Relievers
Everyone has their own preference of variety and brand of pain reliever, but having some kind of aspirin, acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen is a must for any household. These work for basic aches and pains and can relieve swelling. You usually need pain reliever immediately, and that's why it's number one on this list.

2. Antiseptic Cream
You should keep antiseptic creams or sprays around to treat minor cuts and scrapes, especially if you have children. These help prevent infection and promote healing. Soap and water work as well, but antiseptic creams provide lasting protection. Newer brands are often combined with pain reliever as well.

3. Antacid
When your tummy starts to rumble or heartburn sets in, you need antacid immediately, which is why it's on the critical medicines list. Like with pain relievers, there are several brands and ingestion methods. Whatever your preference, keep some around for those moments when you need to deal with upset stomach or heartburn. 

4. Allergy Medication
Allergies are a strange thing. Adults with no allergies for most of their lives can suddenly develop allergies. There are seasonal allergies to contend with. And all allergies make you feel miserable. An over the counter allergy medication can help relieve allergy symptoms and make you much more comfortable.

5. Bandages
No, bandages are not medicine, but you definitely need them around. Cuts, nicks, scrapes and gashes happen in a household. Bandages are the key first aid item for any medicine cabinet.

These five medicines are must-haves for any household. Depending on your health and the people in your home, you should also consider keeping other pharmacy staples such as cough syrup, cold medications, anti-diarrheal medications and hydrogen peroxide on hand. Visit Lo Cost Pharmacy today to stock up your medicine cabinet.


Flavorx: Custom flavored medicine helps the medicine go down
Wednesday, 18 January 2012 12:51

flavorx hs     images


Mary Poppins may have said a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, but your local pharmacist knows better. It's not sugar, but FLAVORx flavored medicine, that makes the medicine go down much easier. Lo Cost Pharmacy is the local, full service pharmacy that can assure you get the flavored medicine that works for you. 

Many liquid medicines taste just awful. Children and some adults need to take liquid medicines, though, to stay and remain healthy. Liquid medications treat every form of illness including chronic illnesses and your everyday ear infections or allergies. Actually, any full service, compound pharmacy like Lo Cost Pharmacy can turn any medication into liquid form. 

But taste is another matter. Yes, you — or more likely, your child — may need liquid medications, but you don't want to have to choke them down or battle and bribe a sick child. Soda crackers and orange juice only mask the flavor so much. And let's be honest; just because the drug company says the medicine tastes like cherry doesn't mean it actually does.

FLAVORx flavored medicine can help! Your Lo Cost Pharmacy can add a FLAVORx flavor of your or your child's choice to any liquid medication. Bubble gum? Why not. Grape? Absolutely. Mint? You bet. Your Lo Cost Pharmacy has the flavor to make your next dose go down quickly and smoothly — no bribing, no begging, no problems. 

Being sick or dealing with a chronic illness is bad enough. The last thing you want to add on top of that is icky medicine. Instead, let Lo Cost Pharmacy create a FLAVORx flavored medicine tailored just for you or your child. Mary Poppins has nothing on us.


Pharmacy services that enhance quality of life
Monday, 16 January 2012 14:49

Medications and health care are meant to improve our lives. Maybe you have a chronic illness, a short-term infection, seasonal allergies or an injury that needs attention. But whatever ails you, pharmacy services can improve your overall experience with medications and improve your overall health and quality of life.

Lo Cost Pharmacy provides personalized services to meet your health care needs no matter what they may be, with the same co-payments as those big chain pharmacies.

Sometimes, you need help getting your medications. A local pharmacy like Lo Cost can deliver medications to you. This pharmacy service greatly benefits older patients and those with injuries that prevent them from getting out of the house. 

Sync Rx
This service syncs up your different medications to put them all on the same refill cycle. Instead of making a trip to the pharmacy every few days to get a variety of medications, keeping track of what meds are running low and remembering to submit refills, Lo Cost Pharmacy can sync up all your medications to save time and save trips to the pharmacy.

Pharmacist Help
At those big chain pharmacies, sometimes it's hard to actually get the chance to talk with a pharmacist. Lo Cost Pharmacy recognizes the importance and value in talking with a professional pharmacist about your medications, your lifestyle and questions you have about your drug therapy. These interactions could even prompt your pharmacist to come up with creative solutions for complications you're experiencing with medications. 

Personalized Packaging
For many patients, no matter their age or ailment, remembering to take medications is a challenge. Pharmacy services like personalized packaging can make it easier to remember to take your medications. Lo Cost can also make it easier to take the medication by offering different ways to take the medicines — capsules, liquids, topical gels — whatever works best for you. 

Personal Care Home Services
As the population ages, the importance of personal care homes as an alternative to nursing homes rises. Lo Cost Pharmacy provides personal care home pharmacy services to help health care providers in their important work of caring for seniors and chronically ill patients. 

Medications and medical care can improve the quality of your life. The pharmacy services Lo Cost Pharmacy offers assure these medications work seamlessly into your life, making it easier for you to live life to your fullest each day.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Your Local Pharmacy
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 16:44

As silly as it sounds, most of us really do want to go someplace where everyone knows our name. Your local pharmacy is a perfect example of a place where personal attention is a must. But too often, especially in these economic times, those local places where we are known have closed. That is why using a local pharmacy like Lo Cost Pharmacy makes sense. 

Here are three important reasons why you should use your trusted local pharmacy, Lo Cost Pharmacy.

1. Same Cost Structure
Those big name pharmacies like to make it seem they can save you money. They have gimmicks like reward cards and loyalty programs, but those just hide the real truth. At Lo Cost Pharmacy, your copayment with proof of insurance is exactly the same as at the big name pharmacies.

2. Save Time
When was the last time you made a "quick" trip to a big name pharmacy? It always takes much longer than you expect and longer than it should, to be perfectly honest. The reason? These pharmacies cut corners by hiring fewer staff members with less training. Lo Cost Pharmacy values staff members because we value your time. We have several pharmacists and assistants on staff each day so you don't have to wait for your prescription. And if you have questions, someone is there to answer them for you.

3. Personalized Care
The best reason to use a local pharmacy, though, is for the personalized care. At Lo Cost Pharmacy, we really do know your name. We custom make your prescriptions, tailoring them to your needs, and we provide one-on-one consultations so you receive all the information you need about your medications. By getting to know you personally, our pharmacists can help you make the right health care decisions. 

Local pharmacies have a way of getting things done better than those big chains. They take the time to get to know your needs, and they value you and your time as fellow community members. Local pharmacies are no different. Come in to Lo Cost Pharmacy and see the difference a local business can make in your life.


Trouble Taking Your Medicine?: Customized prescription solutions
Tuesday, 03 January 2012 15:14


Taking medication is an intensely personal experience. If you have trouble taking medications as your doctor prescribed them, you should talk to your pharmacist about customized prescription solutions. A pharmacist can work with you to evaluate why you have trouble taking certain medications and then craft a personal solution tailored for you and your needs.

When doctors prescribe medication, they may assume that what works for most patients will work for you as well. For adults, this usually means pills you swallow. But this doesn't work for everyone. Some pills are too large or you may just have a difficult time swallowing them. Customized prescription solutions take your needs into account to make sure you get the medicine you need. Taking medication should be an easy and seamless part of your daily routine, not something to dread and fear. 

Some ways Lo Cost Pharmacy can tailor prescriptions for you include:

  • Unique dosage strengths;
  • Compound prescriptions;
  • Offering liquid medicine instead of tablets;
  • Or using topical gels instead of oral capsules.
Medications improve our lives and make it possible for us to go about our daily routines without pain, discomfort or concerns about chronic conditions. But medication can only work when you take it and if you have problems taking your medicine now, it's time to consider customized prescription solutions from Lo Cost Pharmacy. Your health and comfort are our highest priorities.


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